Student Conduct






The Warrensburg R-VI School District believes discipline is a part of the education and growth process which requires the full cooperation of students, parents, school staff, Board of Education, and all agencies of the community that share responsibility for the welfare and development of our youth. Discipline will be practiced with fairness and consistency to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff. The Warrensburg R-VI School District maintains a zero tolerance for acts of violence, possession or use of weapons and mind-altering substances, and acts that diminish human dignity. Through effective discipline, our goal is to provide an atmosphere that encourages students to become self-assured, self-disciplined, productive and responsible members of our community. This Code of Conduct is designed to foster student responsibility, create respect for the rights of others, and ensure the orderly operation of the school. No code can be expected to list each and every offense which may result in disciplinary actions. Examples used are not intended to be all inclusive, and these examples provided are to be used only as guidelines. However, it is the purpose of this code to list certain offenses which will result in specific penalties. Contact with parent/guardian will be made by telephone for offenses involving suspension. If telephone contact is not achieved, or if the offense involves suspension, a notice will be given to the student for delivery and an additional written notice mailed. Students found to be in serious violation of the Code of Conduct will be subject to suspension. The length of the suspension will be subject to the nature, severity and/or frequency of the offense. Suspensions will be classified as in-school (ISS) or out-of-school (OSS). ISS is designed to keep the student in a learning environment and is not considered an absence on the attendance record. OSS will be used for more serious offenses. OSS will apply when the student must be removed from the school setting for the safety of others. Uses of OSS include, but are not limited to, fighting, failure to be prepared for ISS per petition, threats or physical attacks on staff members or repeated violations. Any behavior or action which threatens the health, safety and welfare of the students and staff can result in suspension from school pending investigation to determine further action, such as long-term suspension, restitution, and report to legal authorities or expulsion. Occasionally, extenuating circumstances may warrant a lesser or more severe penalty than what may be expressed in the guidelines listed below.

Corporal Punishment: The Warrensburg R-VI District does not use corporal punishment.

Disciplining of Handicapped Students: The Warrensburg R-VI School District engages in disciplinary actions related to handicapped students in compliance with Federal and State laws and regulations. Any modification of the regular code of student conduct or disciplinary action is made through the Individual Education Program as developed or revised by IEP team members.


CO – Central Office

ISS – In-School Suspension

OSS – Out-of-School Suspension


Community Service may be used as a component to any modification of suspension or as an alternative to suspension. The student is expected to arrange and perform community service for any charitable or governmental organization within a specified time period. This is through administrative approval.


Detentions are reminders for students to alter behavior and adjust to school procedures.

Detention Conduct: (a) Students are to bring written work to the assignment area; (b) Students are to sit as assigned by the person in charge of the detention; (c) At no time will students be allowed to talk; (d) Any student tardy to the detention assigned will receive an additional detention period; (e) No food or drink is to be brought to detention; (f) Students who fail to comply with the above rules may be subject to an additional detention period or suspension.

Office-Assigned Detentions: Assignments to detention will be made by a principal for students who are truant, tardy, sent to the office for misconduct, or have violated the Student Conduct section of the handbook. Detention will be served on the date assigned. Detention dates will not be moved to accommodate a student’s work or practice schedule.

Teacher-Assigned Detentions: Assignments to serve a teacher detention will be made at teacher discretion.


In-School Suspension: While under in-school suspension, students are ineligible to participate in or attend school-sponsored activities. While serving in-school suspension, the student will have the opportunity to complete all assignments for full credit.  If the student fails to follow the established rules and is not cooperative at all times, he/she may be subject to out-of-school suspension.

Out-of-School Suspension: Students are not permitted on school grounds while suspended. Suspended students are ineligible to participate in or attend school sponsored activities. If a student is involved in activities or athletics, they may not participate until one (1) full school day has been attended. Tests, reports, papers, etc. (assignments other than daily work) may be completed for full credit upon return.


A student has to maintain the State minimum seat time for each credit being earned.  Each semester a student can miss no more than four (4) school days per credit attempted. We will send notification by phone or mail when your student misses two (2) days.  Please note that a student can be excused by a note and STILL need to make up seat time to earn credit.   This time is a State minimum for each credit.