AIM Program

Reese Arrow 

Integrity | Communication | Teamwork | Positive Attitudes

AIM provides an alternative placement for students in junior high and high school to allow an environment where they can complete assignments from their classes. AIM strives to encourage students to make the right choices in their routine school environment.



How it works when AIMing high . . .

  • Academics come first!
    • Follow the academic day you do at the other building.
    • Bring your assignments, books, and supplies.
    • When done with one assignment, raise hand and turn it in to the adults.
    • One assignment done, begin the next block's world.
  • No talking except to the adults.
    • Lunch is the only time for casual conversation.
    • Participation in group discussions is expected.
    • In group discussions, talk only when acknowledged and given the talking box/ball.
  • No leaving seats without permission.
    • Do not leave your seats after any break.
    • If it is critical, raise your hand and wait for adult permission if appropriate.
  • No breaks except at posted times.
    • Academics come first, breaks interfere.
    • If all academic work assigned is finished, the adults will provide additional activities.
    • Never put your head down on the table (or arms).

AIM Teacher

Emma Bauer

[email protected]



Darla Christensen

[email protected]


Expected behaviors to AIM high...

  • Arrive at school by 8 AM
  • Turn in phones before taking a seat and do not bring any other electronic devices.
  • Dress comfortably but appropriately. . .
    • no visible torso between armpits and knees,
    • no tees with sex, drugs, alcohol, or violence, and
    • no sagging that reveals underwear.
  • Bring personal school supplies:
    • assignments,
    • textbooks,
    • favorite pen/pencil,
    • notebooks/paper
    • calculators, and/or
    • other critical items needed to complete work.
  • Do your best work.
    • Errors are part of learning, accept constructive criticism and redo as necessary.
    • Completed assignments should include:
      • Assignment, textbook pages, etc.
      • Student name and date
      • Good handwriting and neat papers.

If you are a teacher or administrator in need of submitting an assignment to a student in AIM, please click on the button below to submit your student's work.

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