Student Agreement

Gateway Student Agreement

I have been provided with a copy of the Reese student handbook. The handbook has been reviewed with me. I have had an opportunity to ask questions concerning the information published in the school handbook. I understand that I may ask the principal or any of my teachers’ questions about the information contained in the handbook any time during the year to gain a better understanding of what is expected of me as a student at Reese. I understand that ignorance of the school rules is not an excuse for failing to follow any or all of the school rules. I further understand that it is impossible for the student handbook to contain all the rules necessary for an orderly school atmosphere. Therefore, my conduct at school should at all times be consistent with the standards published in the student handbook and discipline administered for situations not covered in the handbook will be consistent with those published in the handbook. The rules published in the handbook are to be followed on all school property during the school day, as well as at all school sponsored activities. I also understand that the rules outlined in the student handbook are to be followed through the last day of school and should I choose not to follow the rules during the last few days of the school year that discipline will be administered during the next school year.

Therefore, I understand that compliance with the standards of conduct published in the Reese student handbook as adopted by the Warrensburg R-VI Board of Education is mandatory.


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